The Best Time to Visit Lloret De Mar

Lloret De Mar, situated in the region of Catalonia, Spain, is famous for its warm weather and sun all through the year. It is blessed with a Mediterranean climate which has warm summers and cool winter. It is the perfect summer party destination for young tourists who like to party all night and then head to beach the next morning to calm their minds. There is no dearth of sunshine in Lloret De Mar that makes it a perfect place to get tanned and sip your cocktail by the beach, just make sure you have plenty of sunscreen on because it can get really warm.

What temperature you may expect in Lloret De Mar

It really depends which time of the year you choose to go. The month of July and August are the hottest months with cold evenings, temperature being as low as 17 degrees Celsius. Mid-Autumn can see temperatures soaring as high as 33 degrees. The strong summer sun lasts from June to September; which makes it a favourable holiday time for tourists. 27th July is the warmest day of the year.

With all its beaches in Costa Brava, LLoret De Mar is at the centre. It receives about 13 hours of sunshine in summer which allows tourists to enjoy the beaches more than the cool winter months. Winter sees an average of 7 hours of daylight. The cold water makes it difficult to swim and spend time at the beach, definitely not the right time to visit if you’re going just for sunshine and warmth. The best time to visit Lloret De Mar is from June to August. However, from September, the sun is not as harsh; expect rain but still a decent time for tourists.

Things to do in Lloret De Mar during a summer holiday

• Summer time is all about beaches. PPlatja deLloret, its main beach, is about half a kilometre long with sandy blue coarse sand. Enjoy the water-sports such as jet-ski, kayaking, parasailing and water skiing during your summer holiday.

• The capital of nightlife in Costa Brava is Lloret De Mar. As the sun sets, the streets are flooded with party lovers. There are so many pubs and bars that have queues of people standing out to get in. Make sure you’re dressed well to get inside some of the best clubs.

• Water World Sensation: Enjoy your summer holidays by getting in the two water parks with exciting water rides, wave pool and fun water rides for children. You would make many unforgettable memories with your family and friends, truly a holiday well spent.

• Since summer is the best time to visit, the weather allows you to hike beautiful mountains and enjoy the beauty of wild flowers at the coastal cliff.

• Santa Clotilde Garden, a breathtaking garden on a cliff, is one of the best tourist attractions during summer and spring time, with blooming flowers making it an absolute delight to y our eyes.

Lloret De Mar is rich in history. Its natural heritage, picturesque sunset points, walking trails and cultural events can be enjoyed to the fullest if you visit from mid-June to September.

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